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How do you make your terracotta tile?

Our terracotta tiles are formed entirely by hand using the same methods that have been used for centuries to produce the finest Spanish terracotta tiles available, since they have been fired to 1850 °F, they can be used indoors and outdoors.

Can I use terracotta tiles outdoors?

Yes, they must be laid on a good solid screed base and sealed with a sealer or similar. They are not guaranteed frost proof but have a very high frost resistance and have been widely used by past customers for outside use. The grout must be sealed as well to avoid water absorption.

Can you create a personal or custom hand painted tile design?

Yes, most of the time we can accommodate custom design requests however it does depend on the design and tile you are looking to use.

What exactly is a reclaimed tile?

It’s simply reclaimed material such as terracotta tile, wood beams, cement tiles, brick and/or architectural elements like stone fountains and columns. Typically this material is up to 100 years old and was made by hand since machines were not available at that time. Reclaimed material always has a unique story and charm due to its age and that it comes from different types of buildings about to be demolished throughout Europe.

Exquisite Ceramics specializes in locating these buildings and extracting the material before it’s demolished so this beautiful material can be enjoyed by others for years to come.

Once we extract the material, we clean it up, select the best pieces and place it into metallic crates to be used for building projects requiring the special beauty and charm of reclaimed material.

Should I go with reclaimed tile or a antique deco tile reproduction?

Reclaimed material provides a truly unique personality that reproduction simply can’t provide.

Deco tiles are very hard to be recuperated since most of them are still in use at very emblematic buildings such as museum, churches and government protected buildings, which is why antique deco tile reproduction offers you an opportunity to have an identical reproduction tile that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Deco tile have a painting or design on it while reclaimed terracotta tiles have no design or painting. Good examples of deco tiles can be found all along Europe and in Spain in places like the “Alhambra”, Sevilla, Madrid and Barcelona and in cities where the Arab influence flourished such as the Andalucia region.

What should I be aware of when using reclaimed tile?

Using reclaimed terracota tiles does not require any more care than a brand new terracotta tile, but its patina gained through decades of use, provides that extra touch of unique charm and elegance to your project. We pride ourselves on being the premier supplier of reclaimed terracotta tiles to word famous antique buildings here in the United States such as the Santa Barbara Mission in California.

Do you do antique deco tile reproduction?

Yes, since our tiles are hand painted we can reproduce an antique deco tile, we only request a sample or a picture of the antique tile you are looking for. Please keep in mind that this is hand painted tile (commonly known as “deco tiles” the ones that can be reproduced). Our reclaimed terracotta tiles are genuine tiles and not reproductions.

How long does it take you to create a design?

Most designs take about two months to complete from first drawing to the finished product. Some sizes and shapes are made to order and may add an additional four weeks to the lead time. In this case we will advise you at the time of ordering so you can plan accordingly.

Do your tiles break easily?

Our terracotta tiles are very robust, but should they fall onto a hard surface from a reasonable height they will be prone to breaking.

How long does it take to get a tile order?

It usually takes between 8-12 weeks. If we have the tile in stock in our warehouse (Los Angeles, CA) it usually takes two weeks. We are always happy to check on the current lead times for our customers at the time the quote is made or the order placed. These dates are always given with a small margin of error to allow for circumstances beyond our control like weather, transportation etc.

How many square feet comes in a crate?

It really depends on the product (shape, size and thickness) you are looking for since there are some crates that can hold 250 sqf while others can holds up to 450 sqf.

How many pallets can be loaded on a truck?

Typically a flat bed/container can hold up to 4,500 sqf or ten of the 450 sqf creates.

What is the minimum amount I can order?

Because the tiles come direct from our manufacturers in Spain, the minimum order size is 250 sqf ( approximately one pallet ) you can have any amount over that. Please keep in mind that prices changes may occur if the material you requested has to come from Spain in a special shipment to honor an order. In the near future this may change so please contact us with your requirements.

What is the best way to get pricing information and or place an order?

We would like to talk with you about your project first to make sure you are getting the right material and quantity. Often we can offer different options to help you save time and money.

Please contact us at (323) 228-9100 to place your order. We can take payments over the phone (Visa, Mastercard, Discover & AMEX) and provide you with information on production and delivery times.

Can I order now to secure my order for a later delivery date?

Yes, you can place an order anytime for a future delivery date whether it’s weeks or months in advance. A 10% deposit is required to secure your order. Prices may change without prior notice mainly due to exchange rate dollar-euro.

How much is shipping?

Shipping rates will vary based on the size of your order and the delivery location. To request a shipping rate, we need to know the quantity or square footage that you need and your zip code. You can save money by having your product delivered to a business. We will give you both business and residential rates upon request.

Is your terracotta tile sealed or unsealed?

You can buy our products raw (without any sealer), sealed and stained (stained material is always sealed).
Most of our customers purchase sealed terracotta flooring. Our sealed terracotta tiles have a coat of penetrating sealer already applied to the clay so they don’t need to be soaked prior to installation (saves on labor cost). We still recommend that you apply a final topcoat sealer after your installation is complete, clean, and dry. This last step also seals the grout, provides scratch resistance, UV protection, and rules out any irregularities in the presealer finish on the clay tiles.

Can I choose the color I want?

Terracotta tile has the characteristic of an imperfect tile. It has many color variations ranging from dark orange, red, yellow, and light pinks. These color variations are completely normal and to be expected. Once it is installed, you will acquire the unique blend of colors that achieves the authentic rustic look that makes terracotta tile so popular. You can emphasize many colors of the tile based on surrounding décor. It is impossible for us to send only red, orange, or yellow tiles however no two tiles will be the same.

How can I order a sample?

We ship samples of any size available. Please call or email us to order your samples. Shipping for samples must be prepaid. A sample box is a flat rate of $25 and includes up to 4 tiles showing color variations. Boxes ship USPS Ground unless expedited shipping is requested. Rates will vary. The samples cost is credited to orders placed for over 500 sf. Hand painted tiles samples are available by the piece are prepaid per tile with USPS shipping. We advise anyone purchasing terracotta tile to order samples.

How do I shop for Exquisite Ceramic Products?

Send us an email HERE. A confirmation email will be sent once your order has been received. We will then contact you with further details.

You can also place your order by fax at any time using our printable form. We will process your order and one of our sales associates will contact you. Our fax number is (323) 784 8555.

How are prices calculated?

All our prices are F.O.B. Los Angeles, CA. Once we receive your order we will calculate the weight, quote the most inexpensive shipping method and email or fax you the quote. At that point you may make any order corrections and then approve the order. If you wish to proceed, you will be asked to provide payment information.

Can I Become a Distributor?

Yes. By partnering with Exquisite Ceramics you would become part of a team backed up by a solid network of suppliers in Southern Europe. With more than a decade of providing the highest quality in reclaimed and exclusive materials for the Interior Design industry, we have been able to participate in many major projects. Our wide experience in producing effective results for all kind of projects helps our clients to always find the right materials for their needs.

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If someone would’ve told me when we started our kitchen renovation that my favorite part about it would be the floor tile i wouldn’t have believed it…but that’s exactly what happened. A lot of people compliment us on the cabinets, some people really like the glass front fridge, but EVERYBODY goes crazy over the reclaimed Spanish floor tiles. There are many places you can get Spanish tiles but you simply can’t manufacture authenticity. Rene is such an easy, informative and knowledgeable source for terracotta tile.

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Studio City, CA
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